March 2017 / Turnaround at Shin-Etsu

From Monday, March 27th there will be a turnaround at Shin-Etsu. In this turnaround the entire plants in Pernis and Botlek, will be shut down for 5 weeks, due to maintenance. On Wednesday, March 15th,Shin-Etsu started with the take down of both plants, so there is enough time for emptying and clearing. This turnaround occurs every 4 years, and is always a very exciting period. Shin-Etsu started the preparations a year ago, to make sure that all goes according to plan. For example, only for location Botlek, the scaffolding has a volume of 30,000 cubic meters. Besides that, approximately 650 extra people will be present to make sure all is done on time. In the week of April 17th, the plants will be restarted.  


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